1.7.8 Changes
  • Improved factory selector on map screen
  • Unaffordable factories are now colored red when selected
  • Affordable factories are now colored green when selected
  • Owned factories are now colored yellowish when selected
  • Fixed button bar stopping shop scrolling
  1.7.7 Changes
  • Faster start-up and loading
  • Optimized formatting of huge numbers
  • Fixed another gap in conveyor belts at large screen resolutions
  • Fixed tap responsiveness issues
  • Fixed button bar blocking map camera movement
  • Fixed coin text overlap on 'Select Save' screen
  • Fixed menu button overlapping factory info title
  • Fixed corrupted map textures after continuing game
  1.7.6 Changes
  • Added in-game change-log
  • Added new 'Forklift Truck' upgrade
  • Removed 'About' screen
  • Updated Danish translations
  • Improvements to privacy screen GUI
  • Improvements to the map generator
  • Improved tutorial/hint layout
  • Decreased ad refresh 60 second interval from 40.
  • Increased value of 'Marketing' from 350 to 400
  • Increased base cost of 'Marketing' from 75,000 to 120,000
  • Increased base cost of 'Wall Safe' from 37,000 to 60,000
  • Fixed missing text on analytics toggle button
  • Fixed long tutorial hints being wider than some screen sizes
  • Fixed gap in conveyor graphics on some larger screens
  • Fixed missing text for 'Over Budget' trait
  1.7.5 Changes
  • Tutorial hints can now be dismissed by tapping them
  • Re-written the localization system
  • Removed Hebrew localization until it can be better-supported
  • Fixed crash when loading a save
  • Fixed game sometimes freezing on startup
  • Fixed dialogs not receiving input on the help & info screen
  • Fixed localized fonts not being used and instead showing question marks
  1.7.4 Changes
  • Several render performance improvements
  • Fixed rare crash with formatting big numbers
  • Fixed help & info being cut off at the bottom
  • Fixed stats being cut off at the bottom
  • Fixed crash on next startup after Android terminates the game (low battery, shutdown, etc)
  • Fixed rare save corruption after tapping an advert
  • Fixed coin counter not updating after selecting a save you're already playing
  1.7.3 Changes
  • Added floaty text icons for bonus income
  • Added a new achievement
  • Improvements to feedback dialog. Much less spammy and annoying
  • Small optimization relating to how drinks are spawned and processed
  • Performance improvements to the shop screen - reduced scroll lag
  • More improvements to saved-game handling
  • Fixed loss of bronze drink statistic for 1.6.x saves under 1.7.x
  • Fixed upgrade shop continuing to scroll after closing it
  • Fixed number formatting sometimes sticking two different numbers together
  1.7.2 Changes
  • Fixed mis-aligned text on save selection screen
  • Fixed bug where minimizing while switching saves will corrupt the previous save
  • New cloud sprites
  1.7.1 Changes
  • A few more input performance improvements.
  • Added info to the help screen for casual and hard mode.
  • New art for 'Fusion Reactor' upgrade
  • Fixed 'Filler Bot' description.
  • Renamed 'Faster Conveyor' to 'Faster Motors'
  • Line roller graphics now affected by 'Faster Motors'
  • Filler nozzles now visually changed based on 'Better Conveyor' level
  • Improvements to belt and roller graphics
  • Reduced the scroll speed of the upgrade shop
  • Fixed conveyor line scaling for certain screen resolutions.
  1.7.0 Changes
  • World map has been remade
  • Factories now have random traits that affect their value and operation
  • Added Loading screen
  • Added save slot screen
  • Added factory info screen
  • Added new 'Space Station' upgrade
  • Added page/line number display to upgrade shop
  • Remade the help screen
  • Improved render performance
  • Improved screen scaling
  • Improved price-tag formatting on world map
  • Improvements and additions to the tutorial/hint system
  • Coin counter now adapts based on screen size
  • Android READ_PHONE_STATE permission is no longer needed
  • Added missing icon for 'Coin Vault' upgrade
  • Renamed 'Info' button to 'Help' button.
  • Changed current factory not contributing to coins-per-second.
  • Conveyors are now known as 'lines'
  • 'Labels' base cost reduced from 15 to 10
  • 'Better Bottle' base cost reduced from 100 to 90
  • 'Toolboxes' base cost reduced from 400 to 250
  • 'Crates' base cost reduced from 19000 to 17000
  • 'Coin Bunker' base cost reduced from 170 million to 150 million
  • New exit button icon on main menu
  • New fizz bubble sprite
  • New back icon on button bars
  • More varied liquid/bubble colors
  • Fixed formatting issues with ticker
  • Fixed bulk buy cost being calculated incorrectly
  • Fixed crash with Google Play Sign-in when accounts permission is blocked
  • Fixed black screen when cold-starting the game
  • Fixed social buttons overlapping 'Exit' on menu at small screen sizes
  • Fixed highest coin statistic not being loaded or remembered
  • Fixed incorrect stats button icon on the stats/info/help screen.
  • Fixed tutorial/hints getting stuck on the menu screen.
  • Fixed multi-touch not working on the same conveyor line
  • Fixed mute setting being incorrectly applied when game is started
  • Fixed ads sometimes overlapping the button bar text on smaller screens
  • Fixed current factory not being included in coins-per-second
  1.6.13 Changes
  • Fixed incorrect coins-per-second after continuing a saved game
  • Improved formatting of factory income floaters
  1.6.12 Changes
  • Fixed gold/silver/bronze drinks not giving the right amount of coins
  1.6.11 Changes
  • Added Coins-per-second display
  • Added 2 new factory achievements
  • Auto-filled drinks now count towards achievements
  • Improved start-up time
  • Moved back button upward a bit - Away from the banner ad.
  • Fixed factory price formatting
  • Fixed number formatting for offline coins dialog
  • Fixed 'Processing Speed' not being correctly applied to conveyors
  • Fixed stuttering/lag on the map screen
  • Fixed crash in bulk-buy tutorial (for real this time!)
  • Fixed progress bars
  • Fixed sound not working after a while
  • Fixed game playing zero-volume SFX when muted - waste of resources
  1.6.10 Changes
  • Fixed mixed up 'Conveyor Speed' and 'Auto Filler'
  1.6.9 Changes
  • Slight increase to 'Filler Bot' base cost
  • Fixed incorrect 'Filler Bot' description
  • Fixed incomplete tutorials crashing after resetting the game
  • Fixed income not resetting when game is reset
  1.6.8 Changes
  • Upgrade shop has been revamped
  • New descriptions for all upgrades
  • Improved the tutorial hint system
  • Partially returned old auto-filler functionality due to popular demand
  • Auto-filled drinks are now indicated with green lights
  • Made filler bot and speed upgrades more effective
  • Further-reduced 'Processing Speed' cost
  • Increased casual mode conveyor speed
  • Removed drop shadows from most text
  • Fixed tapping between toolbar buttons activating whatever is behind it.
  • Fixed lag from coins-per-second calculation
  1.6.7 Changes
  • Further reduced base cost of 'Filler Bot'
  • Further reduced base cost of 'Processing Speed'
  • Fixed white blob on shop toolbar after reset.
  • Fixed game sometimes crashing after minimizing.
  1.6.6 Changes
  • Auto-fillers have been reworked
  • Further reduced base cost of auto-fillers
  • Reduced base cost of processing speed upgrade
  • Reduced base cost of 'More Fizz'
  • Reduced base cost of 'Water Wheel'
  • Increased base cost of 'Crates' by 5000.
  • Increased base cost of 'Wall Safe' by 5000.
  • Remade the stats screen
  • Fixed crash in shop where prices became too large to display
  • Fixed performance issues with bulk buy
  • Fixed large upgrade costs getting stuck
  • Fixed 'bulk-buy' purchasing all remaining levels of a limited upgrade
  • Fixed unbought conveyors having auto-filler graphics
  • Fixed '0' drink value on map screen.
  • Improved backwards compatibility of older saves.
  • Auto Filler upgrade renamed to 'Filler Bot'
  • Removed "Loading..." from splash screen.
  • Fixed missing x on Buy 1,000 option.
  1.6.5 Changes
  • Offline coin progress!
  • Added 4 new offline coin upgrades
  • Improved large readability of large numbers
  • Improved save/load speed
  • Updated Danish localizaton
  • Reduced cost of 'Filler Bots' upgrade
  • Renamed 'Buy MAX' to 'Buy 1000'
  • Resampled all sound files to stereo
  • Fixed audio only playing in external right ear/speaker
  • Fixed 'Filler Bot' income for the active factory
  • Fixed potential crash when loading save (BigInt)
  • Fixed equals implementation for BigInt
  • Fixed crash when 'read phone state' permission is blocked
  • Fixed crash due to playing too many sound effects
  • Fixed game saving during Google Play login
  • Fixed floaty text not clearing when the game is reset
  1.6.4 Changes
  • Added swipe bulk-buy options to shop
  • Fixed scroll bar in shop
  • BigInt usage optimization
  • Game will now auto-sign in to Google Play when allowed
  • Lifetime factory purchases added to stats screen
  • Current playthrough time added to stats screen
  • Increased visual size of factories on world map by 20%
  • Improved visibility of bronze, silver and gold level 100+ bottles
  • Increased base cost of factories by 50%
  • Factory prices now increase by x3.1 instead of x2 each time one is bought
  • Fixed dialog input not working on map screen
  • Fixed achievement progress not being counted while signed out
  • Tutorial popups and factory price tags now easier to read
  • Fixed shop tutorials sometimes not showing
  • Fixed some stats not resetting correctly
  1.6.3 Changes
  • Android - BigInt format format fixes
  • Updated danish localization
  • Income no longer stops when shop is open
  • Fixed menu button not working in shop
  • Hard Mode - Fixed shop tabs getting mixed up between factories
  • Hard Mode - The last selected shop tab for each factory is now remembered
  1.6.2 Changes
  • Removed milestone prompts/popups
  • Fixed coin number formatting
  • First round of map improvements
  • Factories now visually change based on upgrade count
  1.6.1 Changes
  • Income-per-second optimization
  • Fixed bug with maxed upgrades preventing any further upgrades
  • Improved display of maxed upgrades
  1.6.0 Changes
  • New world map!
  • You can now buy multiple drink factories
  • New Sfx when buying a conveyor
  • Added Filler Bots Upgrade - Automated drink filling
  • Added tutorial system
  • More UI improvements
  • Reduced delay when switching screens/pages
  • New save format
  • Non-coin upgrades now show progress towards max
  • Fixed drinks being fillable on shop screen
  • Fixed last upgrade not being visible in shop
  • Fixed non-coin upgrades adding value to drinks
  • Fixed shop staying open after resetting
  • Fixed incorrect analytic event for "continue".
  1.5.0 Changes
  • Revamped UI theme
  • Added pause menu button
  • Added UI back button
  • Added 1 new conveyor upgrade
  • Added support for flipped portrait orientation
  • Fixed missing conveyors when recovering corrupt save
  • Fixed rate dialog never being displayed (woops!)
  • Fixed crash when updating achievement progress
  • Fixed drinks sometimes not spawning at high speeds
  1.4.9 Changes
  • 2 new conveyor upgrades!
  • Re-balanced old upgrade costs
  • Better handling of older saves
  • UI Improvements
  • Fixed Sign-In issues
  • Android - Fixed settings not being saved
  1.4.8 Changes
  • Fixed random crash after tapping advert and resuming
  1.4.7 Changes
  • Fixed Incorrect version in crash reports
  • Reduced data usage of analytics when enabled
  • Fixed lag when playing offline
  1.4.6 Changes
  • Fixed random crash when tapping an advert
  1.4.5 Changes
  • Dialogs can now be dismissed with back button
  • Changed dark-blue flavoring to light green
  • Fixed choppy coin sounds in hard mode
  • Fixed back button not working after being pressed on startup
  • Fixed speed upgrades adding value to drinks
  • Fixed shop working incorrectly after the game has been minimized/restored
  • Fixed incorrect version displayed on menu
  1.4.4 Changes
  • New sound effects when filling drinks.
  1.4.3 Changes
  • Fixed privacy button not moving when scrolled
  • Fixed sparkle effect
  1.4.2 Changes
  • Text rendering optimization
  • Minor UI improvements
  1.4.1 Changes
  • Updated Danish translations.
  • Removed Google Play login buttons from menu
  • Better crash reporting
  1.4.0 Changes
  • Added HD graphics support
  • Added filling animation for bottles
  • Renamed Classic mode to Casual mode
  • Updated Danish translations
  • Froth and Bubble particle color now affected by flavor upgrade
  • Reduced lag from adverts
  • Reduced cost of 2nd conveyor in hard mode
  • Reduced base cost of Labels upgrade to 15 coins
  • Improved startup time
  • Improved info on wide live tiles
  • Optimized conveyor/upgrade math
  • Renamed Engineers upgrade to Toolboxes
  • Fixed various typos in text
  • Fixed messed up logo on 'About' screen
  • Fixed incorrect color of nuclear background
  • Fixed game sometimes freezing on startup
  • Fixed incorrect position of 'OK' button on confirmation dialogs
  1.3.12 Changes
  • Updated main menu
  • Added new upgrade -- Water Wheel
  • Rebalanced all late-game upgrades
  • Faster Conveyors' now affects movement speed too
  1.3.11 Changes
  • Updated stats screen and ticker
  • Updated danish translations
  1.3.10 Changes
  • Added silver drinks
  • Added bronze drinks
  • Fixed crash when closing game related to storage
  • Fixed crash when closing game related to network handling
  • Fixed randomly disappearing drinks!
  1.3.9 Changes
  • Fixed crash when with shop in classic mode after playing hard mode
  • Added visual graphics/changes for more fizz upgrade
  1.3.8 Changes
  • Fixed rare crash related to the news feed
  1.3.7 Changes
  • Added golden cans
  • Fixed memory leak with conveyors
  • Fixed another rare startup crash
  • Fixed save lag that happens on some WP7 devices
  • Added cleanup code for overlapping drinks from previous saves -- tapping them with clean-up
  1.3.6 Changes
  • Updated artwork for two bottles/cans
  1.3.5 Changes
  • Fixed startup crash
  1.3.4 Changes
  • New upgrade -- Quality Scanners
  • Increased base cost of Spaceship upgrade to 22mil
  • Improved how disabled/expensive upgrades are shown
  • Rebalanced existing upgrades
  1.3.3 Changes
  • Added Danish localization
  • Added splash screen
  • Reduced data usage
  • Fixed maligned floaty text icon
  • Fixed bug where drinks gave more money than normal
  • Fixed large numbers being cut off on the stats screen
  • Fixed conveyor numbers not showing after loading
  • Fixed bug where the wrong mode sometimes started
  • Fixed upgrade purchase sound not playing
  1.3.2 Changes
  • Fixed bought upgrades sometimes registering twice in classic mode
  • Added news feed to menu ticker
  • Hard mode shop shows selected conveyor in the background
  • Fixed graphical glitch with floaty text
  • Fixed lifetime stats sometimes not saving after resetting
  • Fixed random saving corruption when closing the game (finally!)
  • Fixed freezing when returning to the game after minimizing
  • Fixed saves sometimes being corrupted after closing
  1.3.1 Changes
  • Fixed scrollbar not working on shop page
  1.3.0 Changes
  • Added Hard Mode
  • Added new artwork for fusion upgrade
  • A faster and more robust save format
  • Conveyors are now numbered
  • Event messages now pause the game correctly
  • Fixed positioning of tabs on help menu
  • Resetting now returns you to the main menu
  • Updated how to play instructions
  • Fixed incorrect display of time played on ticker
  1.2.2 Changes
  • Disabled Microsoft adverts temporarily
  • Added new artwork for uranium upgrade
  • Fixed Water Spring upgrade not saving
  • Fixed Warp Gate upgrade not saving
  • Fixed More Fizz upgrade not saving
  1.2.1 Changes
  • Fixed game not closing correctly
  • Fixed save corruption from game not closing properly
  1.2.0 Changes
  • Added statistics ticker to main menu
  • Made floaty coin text easier to read
  • Added 3 more success events
  1.1.1 Changes
  • Fixed a rare crash that occurred on start-up
  • Fixed liquid displaying incorrectly after loading the game
  • Fixed event dialog sometimes not closing properly
  1.1.0 Changes
  • Fixed coins not being cleared after resetting the game
  • Added progress events to the game
  • Fixed shop scrolling not keeping up with drag gesture
  • Current coin count now displayed on main menu
  • Fixed game not saving progress when minimized / deactivated
  • Fixed reset count in statistics not saving correctly
  • Fixed help menu titles being cut off along the top
  1.0.1 Changes
  • Increased ad-rotation interval from 10 to 60 seconds
  • Added Twitter button
  • Added version to bottom left of main menu
  • Fix for coins being lost randomly next time the game starts

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