1.4.1 Changes
  • Fixed crash when closing game while in a level
  • Fixed game sometimes not saving before closing
  1.4.0 Changes
  • Upgraded game to fully support Windows Phone 8
  • Removed bloom effect from game to make way for better things
  • Removed adverts from trial version
  • Wire objects can now connect directly to each other, without wires
  • Optimizations to the wiring system
  • New title screen music
  • Fixed incorrect wire inputs for 7-segment display
  • Spawn cost of 7-segment increased from 60 to 65
  • Fixed wire tutorial not showing after selecting certain wire objects
  • Fixed missing text next to new goal button in goal editor
  • Updated texture and icon for tire/tyre
  • Minimap size is now saved when minimizing/restoring the game
  • Reduced volume of the square, sawtooth and sine SFX for sound emitter
  • Default volume of sound emitters reduced from 100 to 50
  • Improved start-up/launch time of game
  • Fix for rare eternal loading bug on startup
  1.3.8 Changes
  • Fixed retry option not resetting inventory... This time
  • Fixed rare bug where two game screens would draw over each other
  • Fixed bug where chapter levels would sometimes overwrite custom levels
  1.3.7 Changes
  • Fix for retry option not working on completion dialog
  1.3.6 Changes
  • Fix for fan-blades not working
  1.3.5 Changes
  • Electro-repulsor/magnet sounds are now slightly varied
  • Switched to our new company logo
  1.3.4 Changes
  • Fixed crash when loading any custom level
  • Fixed offline banners blocking the inventory menu in trial mode
  • Fixed Facebook button
  1.3.3 Changes
  • Fixed destroyed, static objects still drawing on the minimap
  • Fixed several objects not being drawn correctly on the minimap
  • Fixed editor levels not saving when closing game from pause menu
  • Fixed fanblades not mounting to stepper-motors
  • Fix for all post 1.3.0 levels saving incorrectly/corrupt
  1.3.2 Changes
  • Fixed in-game ad blocking the inventory menu even when hidden.
  1.3.1 Changes
  • Fixed wires randomly becoming locked for older saves
  • Fixed ad rotator not showing anything after tapping an ad and returning to the game
  1.3.0 Changes
  • New, optimized UI system
  • New minimap
  • Added sliders to some configurable object properties
  • Added localization support
  • Added Danish localization
  • Added setting to auto-hide inventory when moving view
  • Minimap can now be resized with 2 fingers
  • Fixed minimap not showing large objects correctly
  • Fixed config tool not showing warning tiles correctly
  • Fixed restoring the game sometimes displaying a blank screen
  • Fixed jitter when scrolling inventory bar
  • Fixed inventory scrollbar sometimes getting stuck
  • Sandbox mode has been converted into a full editor -- sharing to come later
  • Multi-gesture input handling (do more than 1 thing at once)
  • Wire gate chip names have been reworded for easier reading
  • Locked inventory items are now also grayed out
  • Optimization - Bloom no longer tries to draw when turned off
  • Optimization - Greatly reduced physics lag involving lots of objects
  • Optimization - Expired sound effects are now cleared correctly
  • Moved count-down timer to above the minimap
  • Increased size of count-down timer font
  • Trial version is now ad-supported
  • Objects with no category are auto-added into the misc. category
  • Smallest custom level size now available in trial mode
  • Reworked tutorial (again)
  1.2.3 Changes
  • Fix for news feed lag issue during game startup
  • Fixed crash with news feed reading a bad cache data
  1.2.2 Changes
  • News feed will no longer crash the game if it can't finish downloading
  • Fixed crash when entering any unsupported characters in sandbox names
  • Added support for russian characters in sandbox names
  • Notification dialog tweaked to be easier to read
  1.2.1 Changes
  • Fixed crash on sandbox setup when entering special european characters
  • Settings now display "Off" instead of "0" when turned off
  • New tile and thumbnail images
  • News feed no longer shows "Update Available" when running a later version than given in the feed XML
  1.2.0 Changes
  • 26 new wire-orientated objects
  • 3 new chapters (27 new levels) -- 1 available in trial
  • Several improvements to particle effects
  • Corrected sandbox name display in pause menu
  • Inventory menu overhauled
  • Overhauled UI graphics
  • Non-flammable objects no longer catch fire
  • Improved performance when handling lots of objects
  • Improved restore speed after deactivating game
  • Added level loading screen (sorry!)
  • Fixed placing large objects near level boundaries
  • Fixed crash when holding the "New Sandbox" tile
  • Removed per-item limit from sandbox mode.
  • Balanced resource costs for sandbox items.
  • Added large map - Hold minimap to open
  • Added Info and Config tools
  • Fixed first level in chapter 5
  • Added back button to level completion dialog
  • Fixed duplication bug on sandbox setup screen
  • Clockwork piston now has the correct icon
  • Contact timer now resets when tapping interactive objects
  • Return to menu option on completion dialog now returns to level select
  • Stats & Unlocks screen now available in trial mode
  • Improved zoom gesture handling
  • Added inventory filtering tab to main UI
  • Replaced level backgrounds with new ones
  • Added option to invert camera controls
  • Improved tutorial system
  • Pistons overhauled
  • Motors are now configurable
  • Magnets, repulsors and C4 can be trigged by wire
  • Fixed zones randomly turning into solid objects
  • News feed on main and pause menus
  • Wooden block strength reduced by 20%
  • Several levels in chapters 2, 3, 4 and 5 tweaked
  • Physics Stability improved
  1.1.1 Changes
  • Fixed a sound related crash bug (ObjectDisposedException)
  • Added 3 previously unachievable items as bonus unlock crates
  • Changed version display to something simpler
  • Metal objects now emit sparks on impact
  1.1.0 Changes
  • Fixed not being able to enter a name for your sandbox level
  • Fixed a crash when the game tries to play more than 64 sound effects at once
  • Fixed bug with object SFX sounding choppy when many objects are active
  • Corrected version display on title screen
  • Fixed Metal Axles not removing their physics joint when being un-mounted
  • Fixed crash when pressing phone back button while entering a sandbox name
  • Fixed crash when continuing to the next level with a tutorial dialog still open
  • Small Optimizations for RAM usage
  • Fixed the sandbox name textbox not remembering text after restoring the game
  • Star icon on toolbar now shows your highest completion star for the current level
  • Fixed sandbox resetting sometimes after minimizing/restoring the game
  • Fixed Stats reset button being enabled in-level after minimizing/restoring the game
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