Privacy Statement


When 'Send Usage Information' is enabled in any of our games, they will collect anonymous data about your hardware, your usage of the game and any problems that occur with the game during the time you use it, which may also include data about crashes and corrupt save files. To prevent the game using too much bandwidth, it will only send usage information the next time you start the game as a one-time operation per-session. No personal data which can be used to identify you is collected or uploaded at any time during the use of the game.

To stop any of our games from collecting data, go to the options or settings menu and disable "Send Usage Information" or "Send Analytics". Alternatively, you can disable your data and/or wireless connection while playing the game.

Device Data
Some of our games anonymously collect the manufacturer and model of your phone, the version of the OS you are using and the name of your carrier. No other device information is collected. This data is used as an aid for us to ensure the game runs smoothly on all types of phone models, and that any model-specific problems which occur can be quickly identified and fixed.

Collected Usage Data
Some of our games collect data about any errors or crashes that occur and also in-game events such as completing a level/chapter, or unlocking an object. This data is used to improve the overall experience of our games where possible.

What we don't Collect!
None of our games will ever collect your real name, address, bank details, phone numbers, or anything else that can be used to personally identify you. We are strong advocates of privacy and as gamers ourself, we do not like it when games or apps collect personal information against our will.